Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wonderful explanation of atheism

This is an extract from a post by "Diplomatic Atheist" on the John Loftus blog www.

But in my atheism there is nothing to prove. I claim nothing. Eric pointed out astutely that there are multiple definitions for Atheism. Of which the differences are a disbelief of God and a denial of God. I disbelieve. To deny is to make a claim, but to lack belief is not only the position you take in response to a poor argument for the claim, but many Christians do not realize it is the default position on everything. You start in disbelief before you get to belief. To believe something before you consider the possibility that it doesn't is usually in bias.

As my position is disbelief, it is logically obtained in the lack of sufficient evidence and argument from the claim. Disbelief is not an argument from ignorance simply because it makes no claim. It simply states there is not enough evidence to believe in your claim.

So we're clear, I fall into the same camp. My atheism is nothing more than disbelief, not denial.

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