Friday, January 7, 2011

Change to the Blog

I thought I'd make a few more posts than I have been over these last few months. The original idea for the blog was just the thesis, but as I find more and more pursuasive arguments against theism, I'd like to share them here with the few of you who might drop in.

So to kick it off, here's today's which I've stolen from John Loftus' blog.

Either the natural world is all there is-- or an infinity of possible supernatural beings, forces, and realms are possible with no way to tell the real from the imaginary-- and yet every believer in the supernatural imagines they have figured out a way to do so!


I don't have any supernatural beliefs. My assumption is only that your supernatural beliefs are as wrong as the supernatural beliefs that conflict with yours or that you find unbelievable. Or if they are right, there is no way for us to distinguish them from the infinity of wrong supernatural beliefs.

There is no way to tell real invisible undetectable beings from imaginary or mythological ones.

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