I’ve tackled what I consider the main reasons why most humans would believe in and follow a God. I’ve set out my arguments for why God doesn’t deliver on any of these, and hence in my opinion, is not necessary.

As set out in the introduction I’ve left out the one’s without any logic whatsoever like “because my parents do”. I doubt even God would accept that as sufficient.

I expect that the main theist attack on my logic is going to be a generalist one, rather than tackling me on each in turn. Something like “One doesn’t follow God because he/she is necessary, one follows God out of love and devotion”.

Well that’s sort of an answer. Not a very convincing one, but I’ll concede that some theists think that way.

I’ll pose some follow-up questions in response.

If you indeed love someone or something that you can neither see, hear, touch, taste or smell, (in fact have no proof that it exists), do you not have a reason for doing so?

If you don’t have a reason, do you go around loving and devoting yourself to everything in the universe? A table, a TV, a paperclip, a dog poo, an ant.

I expect you do have a reason. I expect it is one or more of the reasons I have outlined here. If it is a different reason, I would be genuinely eager to hear from you, so that I can consider it and perhaps add it to my list here.

If I can’t think of an argument against your reason, I should find myself persuaded to follow your God and you would have successfully converted an atheist.

Plenty in it for you theists, so get typing. I promise to refrain from calling you names or belittling your intellect.