Reason 7

Someone to talk to

This one may seem insulting, but I assure you that I included it to be as complete as possible in covering all possible uses for God. I’m sure there are lonely people out there who find comfort in talking with their friend Jesus.

Now I’m no psychologist, so I’m not going to guess whether talking to a silent and invisible friend is mentally harmful or not. Even if not, that’s not the problem.

The problem is if God talks back.

Now many of you worshippers would say, “are you kidding, that would be great!”.

Problem is, I doubt any of your religious leaders would believe you, much less the rest of us. I understand a few people may have been put to death in the middle ages for even suggesting it.

If your own religion doesn’t expect God to answer back, then I don’t think you can have much faith that the voice you’re hearing is not psychosis.

In any case, the fact that historically you have way better chances of getting hit by lightning whilst indoors watching your winning lotto numbers come up on TV, as God answering you back, suggests it’s a bit of a one way conversation.

Therefore if silent and invisible friends are your only source of comforting conversation, I suggest you need to :

(a) see a psychiatrist; and /or

(b) get out in the world, or even use the telephone,

and you will find much more stimulating and comforting conversation. Even try typing on the internet. There’s a few billion people you can communicate with there, someone will answer back.

God necessary for someone to talk to? I sincerely hope not, for your sake.